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“Whether you have hired hundreds of speakers, or
this is will be your first, I can help you make your event an amazing success!”  
                                                         Bob Cooper

    First things First!
    In choosing a speaker, the first thing you will need to do is know your specific needs, the profile of your audience, what you would like to have the speaker accomplish and how you will judge the success of your event.

    Find the right candidates!
    The candidates should have professional experience, a number of references and testimonials, and they should be more concerned with your event being successful than booking the engagement.

    Find the right person!

    The right person for your event will ask you a lot of questions! They’ll ask about your goals, your audience, past experiences, your likes and dislikes, the theme of your event, other presenters that will be presenting, audience concerns and a whole lot more! You will also find they are flexible with their programs and they are passionate about making your event a success.
    The right person will help you save money
    The right person is very interested in helping you and your company save money. They’ll not only provide you with options on their services, but their travel and lodging is surprisingly affordable, they look for ways to help you save money with audio-visual equipment, they don’t nickel and dime their clients and they have crystal clear agreements!
    The right person will help you promote your event!
    The right speak has experience in presenting at events and should be able to provide you with a wealth of information on how you can maximize attendance and assure positive results after your event!
    The right person has a track record of success!
    Beyond what any speaker will tell you they can do, what’s more important is what they have done in the past. The right speak knows that if they can’t do a great job for their client they’ll not only tell the client, but they’ll help them find the right speaker. This is why the best speakers always have an extraordinarily high approval rating.

“I heard Bob Cooper speak in the U.S. and I told myself I have to bring this guy to Canada! We had so many people show up at the auditorium I held him over for a second night! This is one guy you absolutely have to hear! You will be amazed that his professionalism and the impact he will have on your audience!”

Pino Vocaturo, Sales Manager
Maslack Supply - Sudbury, Ontario Canada

Bob is available worldwide for award functions, keynotes, seminars, special events and general sessions!

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