“What’s important is what people have done.
  Not what they say they can do.” 

Henry Ford                         

“The most eye-opening and motivational seminar I’ve ever attended! I would be honored to hear this man speak again.”

Michele Hunt, Marketing Manager
Shell Oil Company - Houston, TX

“Bob’s emotion and passion is remarkable and it’s contagious! This seminar was excellent!”

Sean McIlmoyle
Anacortes, WA

“I thank you for the positive impact you’ve had on my audience, and my life, and I’m sure that your journey will lead you to positively impact many more lives.”

Pierre Lafrance, Marketing Director
Vast Distribution - Montreal, Canada

“You were excellent.”

Karl Boeckmann, Vice President
Galpin Ford - World’s #1 volume Ford dealer, North Hills, CA

“I heard Bob Cooper speak in the U.S. and I told myself I have to bring this guy to Canada! We had so many people show up at the auditorium I held him over for a second night! This is one guy you absolutely have to hear! You will be amazed that his professionalism and the impact he will have on your audience!”

Pino Vocaturo, Sales Manager
Maslack Supply - Sudbury, Ontario Canada

“Bob Cooper has never failed to impress me and inspire me to achieve more with my career and personal life!”

Bill Garcia
Simi Valley, CA

"Excellent! Bob has a great perspective on life's most important issues.
He was truly motivational and I would recommend him to anyone."

Tim Callan, Vice President
Merrill Lynch - La Jolla, CA

“Excellent presentation.”

Alex Kolb
Auto Club of Southern CA

“Very prophetic. I loved it!”

Mark Ploegmakers, Wholesale Manager
Weatherford Engineered Chemistry
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“What an awakening this seminar has been for me!”

Justin Jacobs
West Palm Beach, FL

“Every time I have the chance to attend one of your seminars it brings me closer to a better me.”

Dave Toole
San Mateo, CA

“Absolutely amazing … your presentation was captivating from the very beginning!”

Sandy Baril
Marcotte Mining Machinery
Ontario, Canada

“Bob's seminar is beyond words. It's a life changing experience that everyone should go through no matter where they are in life."

James Hollister, San Diego State University Leadership Program
San Francisco, CA

“Thank you, thank you thank you! The best seminar I have ever attended! First time the seminar was not about the speaker. It was about us. More importantly, it was about me.”

Rick Ford
Jackson, NJ

“The most informative seminar I have ever attended! I can only relate it to a light bulb going off in my head!”

Michael McLaughlin
AAA Mid-Atlantic
Philadelphia, PA

You have placed yourself in my mind as one of the great people in America. Thank you for a great presentation.”

Robert Cornwall
Simi Valley, CA

“I’ve heard Bob speak twice now, and I have to say, it’s a fantastic seminar!”

Frank Silva, District Manager
Farmers Insurance - San Diego, CA

“Thank you Bob. I just wanted you to know you really have changed my life and I will never be able to thank you enough!”

Servando Orozco
Los Angeles, CA

“Very inspiring and thought provoking!”

Ann Duhamel
Legend Boats
Ontario, Canada

“Awesome! Thanks Bob!”

Robert Coufal
Nordic Bearings
Sudbury, Canada

“It’s not often that I score anyone or anything a perfect 10 because there is always room for improvement. At your seminar I found nothing to reduce the score!”

Martin Smith
Oceanside, CA

“Excellent. Absolutely excellent.”

Bas Gestenbeek
Holland, Netherlands

“I have always taken your words of wisdom to heart and the influence you have had on my life and my business has been remarkable.”

Jim Norr
San Diego Audio & Video
San Diego, CA

“Bob Cooper is the most inspirational speaker I have ever seen.”

Jim Anthony
Chicago, IL

“What a seminar! I can’t wait to begin to apply the information I gained today! Thanks Bob!”

Don Doyle
Certified Transmission, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

“Bob, your seminar was the best I have ever been to!”

Tim Ling
Electric Labs, Inc.
Fresno, CA


Rogelio Bermudez
Milwaukee, WI

“Bob, I promise you. You are one person I have met that I will never forget. You were great!”

Misty McNett
Denver, CO

“Awesome speaker. You opened my eyes and everything made perfect sense! Very well done!

Cinday Ray
Sign Effects
Ontario, Canada

“My fellow coworkers and my self have all seen wonderful changes in out lives that stem from you.”

Brian Gillette
Culver City, CA

“This is the second time I’ve seen Bob and it’s just like re-reading Carnegie! We must re-see Cooper!”

Bob Gisriel
Baltimore, MD

“Practical, down to earth stuff you can use to change your life now!”

Brent Langille, PhD.
Cambrian College  
Ontario, Canada

“I came for ideas on improving my business and discovered my life has now been changed. Thank you Bob.”

Neil Polan
Torrance, CA


Gerry Santillan
NAPA Auto Parts, Sales Manager
Los Angeles, CA

“Bob has an amazing way of getting the message across to you.”

Michael Francis
New Brunswick, Canada

“This guy is terrific!”

Vickie Wolf
York Springs, PA

“Bob, I can never thank you enough for the strength you have given me to change my life.”

Alessia Bragagni
San Piero in Bagno
Forli, Italy

“I have been to many seminars and Bob Cooper is more personable and motivational than any speaker I have ever heard!”

Kelly Offott
Midas Systems, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

“The best seminar I have ever attended. It was extremely informative and I can use the information in both work and with my family. This is a seminar that everyone needs to attend.”

Jung Yong Park
3M Korea - Seoul, Korea

“I was blown away by Bob’s presentation, and the heart-felt care in the way he delivered it really hit home with me. I have heard a lot of the same information before but not acted on it. Now I will.”

Jeff Bosch
Los Angeles, CA

“I will always remember my life before I met you Bob and attended the seminar. The changes you have brought to my life, my family and every life I now touch have been incredible. I can’t wait to see you again.”

Rick Appelman
Chicago, IL

“The program was extraordinary Bob! An excellent bond with the audience, and great stories that drove the learning to a personal and usable level. I certainly enjoyed every minute and am grateful for the opportunity to have been here.”

Penny Tremblay
Northern Lights Presentations
North Bay, Ontario Canada

“I’ve attended hundreds of seminars and this is the first five-star seminar I've been to in the past twenty years."

Catherine McCoy, Prudential Realty
Atlanta, GA

“It was an honor for me to me here. You are a blessing to all of us.”

Ron Guarino
Yorktown Heights, NY

“Superb information and advice that goes well beyond anything I have ever heard before. This seminar was priceless!”

John Deagon
Genuine Auto Part Co
Ontario, CA

“After the first seminar I was hooked! ‘Cooperized’ as they say!”

Kevin Schutt
Houston, TX

“AAA is lucky to be associated with such a class act.”

Eric Grannneman
AAA Missouri
St. Louis, MO

“I’m speechless!”

Yvon Jutros, Regional Manager
Groupe MMO Inc. - Montreal, Canada

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